Monday, January 31, 2011

Simple Striking Composition. Ralph Steadman. Alice in Wonderland.

Very striking, very simple.

Interesting Graphic Composition. Rene Susan. The Cid.

A nice limited palette composition, where color and composition play equal roles in defining the space here and making sense of it.

Nice Composition. Fred Marcellino. Little Babaji.

Nice division of shapes and space here. A strong foreground, middle ground, and background.

Only Two Colors! Peter Sis. The Three Golden Keys

Nice and simple piece with a very limited palette.

Hot Pink and Teal! John Hendrix. John Brown.

A surprising use of color in both images, John Hendrix uses an unlikely lively pink and a saturated blue to highlight his characters in these scenes to great effect.

Beautiful Color Palette. Peter Brown. The Curious Garden.

A nice limited palette here by Peter Brown.

GREAT TYPE. John Hendrix, John Brown

A lovely example of hand lettering. Very clean with the exception of the slightly smeared word, "BLOOD".