Saturday, February 19, 2011

Character/Composition. Jim Field. Cat's Ahoy

I like both the character and composition aspects that this piece convey. The character is very endearing, a little cute orange tabby who is (or playing) pirate with his pirate hat with a cat skull on it and his little outfit. The composition has him off to the side but elevated in a dramatic pose. It shows the hull of the ship with a cute little added feature of a fish head as the head piece. I like the stars background giving a hint of the vastness of his travels. The mast and the fish head are both elements that lead your eye somewhat off the page, but more I feel they lead you outward as in the direction the ship is going. I think you are ultimately not taken off because you are leaded back by the arrangement of stars and the opposite direction up and to the left by the cat's sword raised high.

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