Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Found and Loved

Jenny and the Cat Club is written and illustrated by Esther Averill. It's copyright goes all the way back to 1944. The collection of Jenny is comprised of a multitude of books that are all difficult to locate. Until now. Te New York Review: Children's Collection published A Collection of Favorite Stories about Jenny Linsky as a chapter books beautifully bound in a hard cover with a red cloth label. It's perfect and I bought it at Urban Outfitters on my 18th birthday for $5.00.

Why is this so important? Because in the first grade we had a weekly assignment of choosing a book from the library and then 're-illustrating' our favorite page. I loved Jenny. I thought she was so clever and was so wonderfully drawn and I wished beyond wishing that my drawing could be just like that! I was so happy to have stumbled upon this book. I thought it was fate, to have found what I thought was the perfect book as a child on the day I was turning an adult.

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