Thursday, May 3, 2012

Crazy Cats with Martin Leman

I'm a big fan of cats. Bigger than expected because I got weirdly drawn to all the strange drawings of cats in this book (and a few others which I haven't got the chance to scan yet)

These cats are from Martin Leman's book "Twelve Cats for Christmas". He's a british painter and illustrator, primarily of cats. He really likes painting cats.

I found the paintings of cats in his book very funny and playful. They have a very strong folk art feel. I choose to hi-light this illustrator primarily because I find his cat paintings really interesting. He isn't specific with his paint media in his online presence, although he has is an "Associate of the Royal Watercolour Society".

You can find more pictures of cats (and a few other works) on his website:

ps: if I get the chance, I will scan some more of the cat books I found! Because I love cats!!!!!!!

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