Thursday, May 3, 2012

Stephan Zavrel

I looked in the library for interesting children's book illustrators, this is work by Stepan Zavrel.

Stepan (1932-1999) is a Czech illustrator who escaped from communist czechloslovakia to live in Italy. Later he established one of the biggest centers for children's book illustration in a village around 60 km from Venice, where they have a huge festival every year! (info here:  & )

His work is very lyrical and fantastic watercolors. I think his use of color (especially in the book "They Followed the Stars" ) in narrative, and his shape and design, are really powerful. 

(this last is a picture of the town where the big Children's book Festival is held)

here's a review for his book Drogman, which includes more pictures of some of his other work!

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